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Album: Pixie Lott

Single: Nasty

Release: January 2014

TV: Inspector George Gently

Episode: 6.2-Blue for Bluebird
As: Megan

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“We met through a friend and I found it all overwhelming. “When we met he held my hand for ages; I guess it’s just to feel your aura. We wrote a song called Stevie On The Radio and he played harmonica on it. I’m thinking about my next tour. I always sing Stevie’s Isn’t She Lovely live so I’d like to do more covers of his…..Maybe he can join me on tour.” — On meeting Stevie Wonder

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Express: I regret being so naive

CHART-TOPPING singer/songwriter Pixie, 23, lives in East London with her boyfriend, model Oliver Cheshire

Not a lot of people know this but I’m very good at… remembering things. I can think back to a night in a restaurant five years ago and recall exactly who was there, what the conversation was and what I was eating. Although saying that, my short-term memory is terrible.

My best friend is… I have loads – my top best buddies are Jo, Georgie and Carla. I met them all at school when I was 13 years old. I also have another dear friend called Jo, who I’ve been mates with since I was 16. We all live quite near each other and spend a lot of time together. They keep me grounded.

My nickname is… Pics or Picholas. My real name is Victoria but only my mum calls me that when she’s really cross with me.

The bravest thing I’ve ever done is… On my 21st birthday I tried to do the themepark ride at the top of the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas. I’m terrified of heights so it was quite brave of me even to try, but when I got up there I was so scared that I literally crawled back inside, on my hands and knees.


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Pixie is on Jonathan Ross Tonight!

This Saturday night on the Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan welcomes a host of A-list celebrities.

Film star Liam Neeson drops by to discuss his new movie Non-Stop.  The 61-year-old Taken star plays an air marshal in the action movie alongside Julianne Moore.

Hollywood royalty Goldie Hawn is also in town.  She shares the experience of being with her daughter Kate Hudson when she gave birth as well as the secret behind her 30-year relationship with Kurt Russell.

Peter Andre talks about the latest addition to his family, a baby daughter, and about proposing to Emily MacDonagh.

There’s also music from the singer-songwriter, Pixie Lott, who is rocking a 1960s vibe.

Tune into STV/ITV at 9.35pm on Saturday (February 1) to check out their interviews.


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Pixie Lott prepares to smash back into the charts with Nasty Brits show

EXCLUSIVE: Pixie Lott says she is ready to smash her way back into the charts as she prepares to debut her brand new single on live TV on Thursday night.

The pop babe – who turns 23 this Sunday – also says her boyfriend Oliver Cheshire, 25, has made it easy for her to write and record music about love on her upcoming third album.

‘It’s my first time writing from the actual experience of being in a relationship. It has really helped,’ the blonde beauty told Guilty Pleasures in an exclusive chat, adding she has found writing from the heart easy to do.

‘I can relate to every aspect of what I’m singing – the good times and the bad times. I love writing about things that I experience. It makes songs greater,’ she said.

And while Lott certainly has beauty and music talent in spades, it would seem her model boyfriend only has one of these two qualities.

‘Oliver can’t sing! He tries. He thinks he is a bit of a DJ and he loves music, but he’s not really a singer. We’ve never even done karaoke. Will he be stealing my thunder? No!’ she laughed.

The singer will be performing her new single – titled Nasty – on the Brits are Coming on ITV on Thursday night as the nominees for the 2014 Brit Awards are unveiled.

‘It’s a funky, soulful track that is very up-tempo and fresh,’ she says of the single – which she also revealed she had to fight for after it was originally recorded (but ultimately rejected) by Christina Aguilera, sparking a bidding frenzy among her music contemporaries.

‘A few other singers had recorded it and Christina was one of them so everyone wanted this song. When I heard other singers had done it I thought “I need to get this!” It was a difficult song to get because there are so many old-school samples on it, like James Brown, that are hard to clear copyright on. But I got it and now it is my new single.’

The Brits are Coming is on ITV 1 at 10.35pm on Thursday.


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Pixie Lott on what makes a successful song, her love life and Twitter

At just 22, singer-songwriter Pixie Lott has two platinum albums under her belt and is about to release a third. Oh, and she’s dating a male model. So where does all the angst in her lyrics come from, wonders Liz Jones?

Pixie Lott is late. Only 40 minutes but, as she tells me when she arrives at the studio in East London, not too far from her home, she is always late. ‘I will say to my friend, “We will meet here at this time,” and something will happen and I get caught up and won’t be there for another hour. That’s my worst thing. I’m working on it. It’s my New Year’s resolution.’

She is wearing a very short tweed dress, buttoned up to her chin but which reveals her buttocks every time she hugs someone – the photographer, the make-up artist. Also black-rimmed spectacles, a hairband and flat patent pumps. ‘This dress I designed and had made when I was in China [she is very big in China]. I chose the fabric, then told them how I wanted it to look. The patent pumps belonged to my nan.’

Pixie’s maternal grandmother died not long ago. Her mum, too, has been a source of fashionable borrowing: apparently she has lots of old Vivienne Westwood ‘bodies’. ‘I took her vintage Chanel bag to Las Vegas, and I lost it. I was so upset: it was my favourite bag ever. I thought I was going to be in so much trouble. I phoned her up and said, “Something really bad has happened.” Her heart was pounding, she thought something terrible had happened to me. So when I told her I’d lost her bag she was like, “Oh, OK, that’s fine.”’



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Bizarre: Is that Pixie’s Lott?

PIXIE LOTT had better hope the acting jobs keep coming – as the music thing has taken a bit of a bad turn.

The singer has drifted into relative obscurity since releasing second album Young Foolish Happy in 2011.

Now her label, Mercury, have postponed her third album because bosses think it’s not up to scratch.

Pixie’s currently starring as a holiday camp entertainer in Beeb TV drama Inspector George Gently.

It might be good practice.

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Pixie to join Soul Mates

PIXIE Lott is going back to her soul roots for her third album.
The 21-year-old, whose last No 1 single All About Tonight saw her dabble in dancefloor filling, is calling in the big wigs.

Pix told me: “I’m going to be heading to New York to work with the guys who did the original Motown records in the sixties to make a new album soon. I’ve also been working on a new perfume.”

Ahh, the sweet smell of success


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Pixie to appear on Ayr Stage

Singing superstar, Pixie Lott,  is taking to the stage at Ayr Racecourse this week (Friday 22 June) and it is hoped the bumper crowd expected will dig deep to support the STV Appeal Racenight.

Complete with her backing dancers, Pixie will perform her best known material including “Kiss The Stars” and “All About Tonight” and is the latest in a long line of stars to take to the stage at Ayr including Deacon Blue, Alexandra Burke, Status Quo, From The Jam, Stacey Solomon, The Human League and The Saw Doctors.

Ayr Racecourse Sales and Marketing Manager Lindsey Smith said : “We are expecting a superb party atmosphere on Friday and the presence of a top star like Pixie Lott should add to the night.

“There’s also discos in both the Ayrshire Suite and The Horseshoe Bar until midnight and we are in for one  huge party!”

There’s also entertainment on Saturday with The Floorstompers playing in the Horseshoe Bar after racing with a disco in the Ayrshire Suite.”

The STV Appeal works closely with six major Scottish charities – Aberlour, Action for Children, Barnardo’s Scotland, Children 1st, Save The Children Scotland and One Parent Families Scotland .

It is anticipated a huge amount of money will be raised for the STV Appeal, working to help children affected by poverty in Scotland. Launched in 2011 in association with The Hunter Foundation last year the STV Appeal raised almost £1.3 million.


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Pixie Lott concert raised £10k for charity

Thousands of fans who braved the rain to watch Pixie Lott headline the Bristol Jubilee Concert at The Mall at Cribbs Causeway donated more than £10,000 to charity in return for their tickets.

Donations went towards ‘A Life for a Cure’, Bristol teenager Ryan Bresnahan’s Meningitis Appeal.

The money will be used to research a vaccine to fight meningitis B, which sadly killed the 16-year-old in just two hours.

As well as making a voluntary £1 donation whilst collecting their free ticket to the concert, fans were also able to donate £2 in exchange for a limited edition wrist band.

After a moving speech from the Bresnahan family, the crowd were encouraged to send free text donations to the charity throughout the concert.

Maria Crayton, head of marketing at The Mall at Cribbs Causeway said: “We would like to say a huge thank you to everybody who made a donation to ‘a Life for a Cure’ both during the concert and at our ticket giveaways. These generous donations mean that we are able to exceed the target of £10,000 for ‘a Life for a Cure’.”


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Singer, Songwriter, Stylist and Massive Fan

In Singapore to promote her second studio album “Young Foolish Happy”, the bubbly British artiste, whose real name is Victoria Louisse Lott, got to play stylist to two lucky fans during her three-day promotional tour here.

Decked out in a casual yet chic outfit that she had put together herself, Lott met with the two “Get Styled by Pixie” winners at Topshop Knightsbridge where she was seen shopping and picking out clothes for them.

Aside from styling her fans during her first trip to Singapore, the starlet also met fans for a karaoke session on Thursday afternoon and made her appearance at her autograph session at Bugis Junction later that day.

While Lott may have met many of her die-hard Singapore fans during her visit, the bubbly star confessed that she did not encounter any crazy ones here.

“They are all just so lovely!”

“It’s only quite crazy when they wait outside hotels whenever I have to get into the car and my manager is up against the door trying to get things sort out.

“But that is always quite funny; nothing weird or unpleasant,” said Lott with a chuckle.

21-year-old Lott rose to prominence at a tender age of 18 with her single “Mama Do” and debut album “Turn It Up” and have since gained a huge following; however, just like any other girl her age, Lott also has idols she looks up to.

“I’m a massive fan of [English recording artist-songwriter] Adele!” said the star.

“She (Adele) has got a soul to her voice, doesn’t try too hard, and just sings honestly about her situation. It feels so genuine and that’s why I love Adele,” Lott gushed.

While Lott has not had the chance to collaborate with Adele yet, the petite star did get the opportunity to work with another of her favourite celebrities – American singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder – in her album “Young Foolish Happy”.

“I was just over the moon to have met him, but to have him (Wonder) on the song it was just amazing,” remarked Lott.

Lott, who confessed that she only heard about Korean pop when she was in Japan, also collaborated with Korean boy band Big Bang’s G-Dragon and TOP for the track “Dancing on My Own” in the Asian version of “Young Foolish Happy”.

Lott revealed that she did not interact much with G-Dragon and TOP and had only met them at the Japan’s Springroove festival in April this year.

“GD can speak more English than TOP, so it was easier to talk to GD, but they were all really lovely and nice.

“It was cool to hang out with them backstage and just get to know them a bit. I’d love to work with them again!” said Lott.

“Dancing on My Own” originally featured American singer-songwriter Marty James but after Lott heard G-Dragon and TOP’s version, which sounded “fresh, a little bit different and just really good”, the singer decided to put the new version in the Asian edition of her “Young Foolish Happy” album.

For Lott’s showcase in Singapore on Friday, however, it was neither Marty James nor G-Dragon or TOP who joined the beautiful star during her performance of “Dancing on My Own,” but Singaporean rap artiste-songwriter Kevin Lester who joined her on stage.

Held at ZIRCA, Lott’s “Young Foolish Happy” showcase saw more than 800 Crazy Cats (the name Lott’s fans call themselves) going gaga over the talented singer, who performed songs from her latest album as well as her debut studio album “Turn It Up”.

She serenaded her fans with hits such as “All About Tonight” and “Bright Lights” then ended her show on a high note with “Kissing The Stars”.

“Thank you so much! I’m overwhelmed! Hope to see you soon!” exclaimed an excited Lott before disappearing backstage.


All of Pixie’s Asian Promotion Tour Images will be uploaded very soon

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