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Album: Pixie Lott

Single: Nasty

Release: January 2014

TV: Inspector George Gently

Episode: 6.2-Blue for Bluebird
As: Megan

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“We met through a friend and I found it all overwhelming. “When we met he held my hand for ages; I guess it’s just to feel your aura. We wrote a song called Stevie On The Radio and he played harmonica on it. I’m thinking about my next tour. I always sing Stevie’s Isn’t She Lovely live so I’d like to do more covers of his…..Maybe he can join me on tour.” — On meeting Stevie Wonder

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Singer, Songwriter, Stylist and Massive Fan

In Singapore to promote her second studio album “Young Foolish Happy”, the bubbly British artiste, whose real name is Victoria Louisse Lott, got to play stylist to two lucky fans during her three-day promotional tour here.

Decked out in a casual yet chic outfit that she had put together herself, Lott met with the two “Get Styled by Pixie” winners at Topshop Knightsbridge where she was seen shopping and picking out clothes for them.

Aside from styling her fans during her first trip to Singapore, the starlet also met fans for a karaoke session on Thursday afternoon and made her appearance at her autograph session at Bugis Junction later that day.

While Lott may have met many of her die-hard Singapore fans during her visit, the bubbly star confessed that she did not encounter any crazy ones here.

“They are all just so lovely!”

“It’s only quite crazy when they wait outside hotels whenever I have to get into the car and my manager is up against the door trying to get things sort out.

“But that is always quite funny; nothing weird or unpleasant,” said Lott with a chuckle.

21-year-old Lott rose to prominence at a tender age of 18 with her single “Mama Do” and debut album “Turn It Up” and have since gained a huge following; however, just like any other girl her age, Lott also has idols she looks up to.

“I’m a massive fan of [English recording artist-songwriter] Adele!” said the star.

“She (Adele) has got a soul to her voice, doesn’t try too hard, and just sings honestly about her situation. It feels so genuine and that’s why I love Adele,” Lott gushed.

While Lott has not had the chance to collaborate with Adele yet, the petite star did get the opportunity to work with another of her favourite celebrities – American singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder – in her album “Young Foolish Happy”.

“I was just over the moon to have met him, but to have him (Wonder) on the song it was just amazing,” remarked Lott.

Lott, who confessed that she only heard about Korean pop when she was in Japan, also collaborated with Korean boy band Big Bang’s G-Dragon and TOP for the track “Dancing on My Own” in the Asian version of “Young Foolish Happy”.

Lott revealed that she did not interact much with G-Dragon and TOP and had only met them at the Japan’s Springroove festival in April this year.

“GD can speak more English than TOP, so it was easier to talk to GD, but they were all really lovely and nice.

“It was cool to hang out with them backstage and just get to know them a bit. I’d love to work with them again!” said Lott.

“Dancing on My Own” originally featured American singer-songwriter Marty James but after Lott heard G-Dragon and TOP’s version, which sounded “fresh, a little bit different and just really good”, the singer decided to put the new version in the Asian edition of her “Young Foolish Happy” album.

For Lott’s showcase in Singapore on Friday, however, it was neither Marty James nor G-Dragon or TOP who joined the beautiful star during her performance of “Dancing on My Own,” but Singaporean rap artiste-songwriter Kevin Lester who joined her on stage.

Held at ZIRCA, Lott’s “Young Foolish Happy” showcase saw more than 800 Crazy Cats (the name Lott’s fans call themselves) going gaga over the talented singer, who performed songs from her latest album as well as her debut studio album “Turn It Up”.

She serenaded her fans with hits such as “All About Tonight” and “Bright Lights” then ended her show on a high note with “Kissing The Stars”.

“Thank you so much! I’m overwhelmed! Hope to see you soon!” exclaimed an excited Lott before disappearing backstage.


All of Pixie’s Asian Promotion Tour Images will be uploaded very soon

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Pixie takes Mum on tour

Pixie Lott takes her mum on tour with her when her boyfriend Oliver Cheshire isn’t able to join her around the world.

Pixie Lott takes her mum on tour with her.

The ‘All About Tonight’ hitmaker does not like being on her own – despite being 21 – and when her boyfriend Oliver Cheshire can’t join her when she has to travel the world, she brings along her mother.

She said: ”My boyfriend, Oliver, is a model and often just as busy as me, so mum still comes along when I travel. It’s no fun being in a hotel on your own – I get lonely. She looks after my scheduling because I’m rubbish at that. She’s also honest and tells me straight if I’m doing something wrong. She always has my best interests at heart.”

Pixie is so concerned with what her mother thinks, she is not sure if she would even get a tattoo without her permission.

She said: ”I’m just the same now as when I was a teenager. Drugs don’t interest me but I like to go out with my friends and have a good time. I’ve thought about having a tattoo, but I don’t think mum would like it.”


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Pixie to do more asian collaborations?

Pixie Lott during her recent interview with MSN talked about her collaboration with GD&TOP.

Pixie is currently in Singapore for her album promotions, she shared about the experience of collaboration with GD&TOP during a press conference.

She said, “When I heard Big Bang’s music in Japan, I through it was really cool, music videos were like very futuristic. When I met them, they were really nice guys.”

Pixie Lott is a popular English singer-songwriter who sold more than million copies of her debut album in 2009, made her 2nd album and first single from that album marked her third UK number one hit. She recently collaborated together with Big Bang’s unit group GD&TOP for ‘Dancing On My Own’ in her new Japanese album.


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Tulisa, Olly Murs, Pixie Lott to sing at Marvin and Rochelle’s wedding

Marvin Humes and Rochelle Wiseman have reportedly asked their popstar friends to perform at their upcoming wedding.

Tulisa Contostavlos, Pixie Lott and Olly Murs have been invited to the July nuptials and the couple have convinced each of them to sing.

The pair have also agreed to sell photographs of the ceremony to a magazine in a six-figure deal, The Sun reports.

Men attending the reception have been asked to come in black tie, while every woman must wear a black cocktail dress at the adults-only party.

Invitations to the event are said to be in black and white with a diamanté centre to match the strict dress code.

The Saturdays singer has also signed a deal with clothing firm Lipsy to get pink and grey tracksuits for her closest friends to wear as they get ready.

The couple have asked guests to make a donation to charity rather than buy wedding gifts, with Wiseman supporting Marie Curie Cancer Care and Humes choosing his own JLS Foundation.

“Marvin and Rochelle have gone all out for their wedding – it’s totally over the top. But they’re keen for some charities to benefit from the big day too,” a source said.

“So if people do decide they want to give them something, they’d much rather it went to less fortunate people.”

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Pixie wants more screen roles

Pixie Lott has revealed she wants to do more acting.

The All About Tonight singer, who made her big-screen debut in 2010 film Fred: The Movie alongside wrestler John Cena, fancies appearing in a comedy with her favourite funnymen – Will Ferrell, Steve Carell or Jonah Hill.

“At some point, but not yet. I always want to focus on the music, but when there’s a bit of time and the right script comes up, I would like to act, because I grew up doing it so it’s another hobby of mine,” she said.

The 21-year-old – whose performance at MTV Presents Titanic Sounds will be shown on MTV UK on May 5 – wouldn’t mind trying either a drama or comedy.

“It depends on what comes up. If an amazing drama comes up which is completely different to me, then I’d just have to bite my teeth and go for it. But if it was a comedy with great comedic actors like Steve Carell, Jonah Hill or Will Ferrell, and I could play the daughter, then I’ll go for that!” she continued.

Pixie wouldn’t mind another judging stint either, following her appearance on The X Factor in 2010.

“It was good timing and lasted for just a day, and I really enjoyed it. It was very different for me to be on a panel, so I would. It just all depends on the timing and what else I am focusing on,” she said.

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Pixie is 12th in FHM sexiest woman

Pippa Middleton makes FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women In The World list at 11, while her sister the Duchess of Cambridge is 32nd.

Singer Pixie Lott is 12th, followed by model Daisy Lowe (13), and The Saturdays singer Mollie King (14). Her bandmate Frankie Sandford is 19.

The top 20 is completed by Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh (15), The Voice judge Jessie J (16), actress Zooey Deschanel (17), and model Kelly Brook (20).


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Pixie is a K-pop Fan


Pixie Lott, K-pop ambassador.

A pop star in her own right in her native UK, with three No. 1 singles under her belt, she’s all set to fly the flag for Korean boy and girl bands.

First step?

Collaborating with G-Dragon and T.O.P. from K-pop quintet Big Bang on her new song Dancing On My Own, which will be featured in the Asian Deluxe version of her second album Young Foolish Happy, out in early May.

Lott drops by Singapore on May 18 for an invite-only showcase at Zirca.

She will be signing copies of her latest album Young Foolish Happy for fans on May 17 at Bugis Junction.

Speaking to LOUD over the phone from her home in London, Lott, 21, was enthusiastic about her love of the genre.

“I think it was the first time I went to Japan, and got to know about the bands that were starting to get big there,” she said.

“I just loved the whole vibe of it. The music videos are so crazy, so futuristic,” she said. “I was so interested in the whole craze, and how huge it had become.

“It’s a really fresh sound.”

Plotting a K-pop collaboration, she settled on working with the Big Bang boys, who were just as keen on partnering up with her.

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Pixie Lott Wrote Track For Selena

Pixie Lott wrote a song which was recorded by Selena Gomez for her last album ‘When the Sun Goes Down’.

Pixie Lott wrote a song for Selena Gomez.

The singer wrote ‘We Own the Night’ which was recorded by Selena Gomez and the Scene for her last album, ‘When the Sun Goes Down’, and although they have yet to meet, Pixie is glad they worked together.

Speaking at the recent MTV Titanic Sounds concert in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Pixie exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ”I’ve never met Selena Gomez before, but she sounds really good on the song and she seems like a lovely girl.

”She seems to have such a zest for life, so I emailed her and said, ‘Thanks for recording the song,’ and she emailed back saying, ‘No worries, that’s fine, thanks!”’

Pixie has previously written tracks recorded by Alexandra Burke and Girls Can’t Catch, but also for artists further afield, such as Dutch winner of ‘The X Factor’ Lisa Lois and Asian girl group Girl’s Generation.

She added: ”I only have 12 songs on my album, so all the ones I write that don’t make it get sent off by my publishers and luckily some of them get picked up. A lot of them are hits in other countries like Belgium or Holland, so most people in the UK don’t know about them.”

Pixie’s performance at MTV Titanic Sounds will be shown in the UK on MTV music on May 5.

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Pixie Lott’s Saucy Exercise Secret

THE secret to Pixie Lott’s banging body has finally been let out of the bag.

Sex. And plenty of it, according to her fella Oliver Cheshire.

The chiselled chap reckons getting down and dirty under the sheets is the way the pair of them keep looking so buff.

Randy model Oliver, 23, told us: “I love eating a proper meal and there is no way I could go on a diet or watch what I eat. To keep in shape I have lots of sex. I call it sexercise.”

According to him, he doesn’t get any complaints from Pixie, 21, about what he’s packing downstairs.

Chatting about his recent swimwear shoot for M&S he said: “I wasn’t nervous about posing in swimwear as I’ve been in my pants since I was 15 and was born naked. Plus, I don’t need to stuff.”


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