1. Victoria Louise Lott was born in Bromley, and was soon nicknamed ‘Pixie’ for being such a tiny baby. When she was 11, the popstar-to-be got a scholarship to study at the prestigious Italia Conti performing arts school in London – which trained up a number of famous faces including Russell Brand, Naomi Campbell and original Doctor Who star William Hartnell. Her classmates all got together for a special farewell video, miming along to High School Musical – watch for Pixie’s jazz hands entrance at 1:06.

2. Though she’s known for her squeaky clean image, Lott actually got her pop career started by less honest means: lying about her age. Much like the Spice Girls, she saw an advert in performing arts newspaper The Stage looking for the ‘next pop diva’ between 16 and 21, and got herself an audition – even though at 14 at the time. She must have impressed though, because she was promptly signed by Black Eyed Peas manager David Sonenberg.

3. Around the same time as the audition, she attended a birthday party that was filmed for an episode of MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 UK. Recent re-runs of the episode have allowed eagle-eyed viewers to pick Lott out in the crowd… remember when crimping was a thing?

4. Pixie never tried out for The X Factor, but she was still once rejected by Gary Barlow. She had to sing in front of the Take That star as part of the audition process for short-lived musical TV series Britannia High, and was eventually unsuccessful. To be honest, we think she dodged a bullet here.

5. Lott’s debut single ‘Mama Do’ was a catchy slice of retro-infused pop that sailed straight to the top of the charts – but did you know she can also sing the song in Simlish? Yes, Lott re-recorded the song in the made up language of The Sims to feature in The Sims 3 – FYI, it can still be heard in the game if you turn on a radio and select ‘Pop’.

6. One time, she tattooed a fan on the ankle. To be clear: she signed her name, with a tattoo pen, on some guy’s ankle. Incredible.

7. Lady Gaga has her Monsters, Rihanna has her Navy, Pixie Lott has her Crazycats. On her first headline tour she even encouraged fans to come dressed up as cats, but this frivolity was put to an end after a scandalous interview with the Daily Star. “It’s funny,” she contemplated, “as I don’t have a cat and never have. In fact I’m not really a cat person, I’m a dog girl.”

8. Earlier this year, Pixie made a guest appearance in the period murder mystery drama Inspector George Gently as holiday park singer Megan, who sadly makes her grand entrance as a dead body. Lott found that the toughest part of the experience was playing dead, explaining: “I was lying face down on the wet sand, they hosed me down with freezing cold water, not even warm water. And I was shivering, but I couldn’t shiver, because I was meant to be dead.”

9. Lott is currently dating model-of-the-moment Oliver Cheshire, who was recently on the cover of Attitude magazine. Their relationship is the source of much of Lott’s songwriting, and she has a secret hope that one day the tables might turn. “I wouldn’t mind having a song written about me!” she told Dean Piper, “but I don’t think that’s going to happen as Oliver isn’t the best singer. I would try and teach him but I just don’t think there’s any hope. He would end up being a K-Fed type!”

10. They say never to meet your idols, and Pixie’s moment with hers didn’t quite go to plan. When she bumped into Mariah Carey, she was so nervous that she could only mumble that she was a huge fan. Mariah replied: “Oh, that’s so sweet… I need to go to the bathroom”.

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